Diogo Vieira

devops/software engineer

I'm an engineer currently focusing in the ground between software development — particularly in the field of distributed systems — and operations.

I'm experienced in Python and Objective-C — since I used to work in iOS applications — having programmed in a lot of other languages, to some degree, like C, Java, Perl and Haskell. I also have a strong background in Linux system administration and experience in AWS cloud as well as Openstack (mainly Swift) along with relevant tools for provisioning and configuration — terraform and ansible, for example. Likewise, I have a special interest in distributed systems, cryptography, computer science and research.

I'm also a strong advocate for open-source technologies and I believe in a thoughtful and purposeful development and deployment process, trying to research existing solutions and best practices while maintaining a critical thinking when solving a problem.

I enjoy tinkering with my ESXi homelab in my free time and I love listening to music. I care fondly about art and design and I like practising sports — specially swimming.